Our Services

Single-mindedly working towards tailoring career paths of students seeking higher education abroad, TEAM ALPS has emerged as a well-established one-stop solution provider for every aspect of the process of going to overseas for seeking higher education.

Whether it is educational, financial or personal assistance; or it is the stage-wise procedure from finding your potential to scoring well in standardized tests to university selection up to reaching the university’s dorms, we at ALPS stand next to you and lead you towards the right direction, every step of the way.

Aptitude TEST

It is not smart to determine the ability of a fish by testing its speed to climb a tree!

We use a scientifically designed paper pencil test to obtain clear and in-depth profile of students that altogether facilitates their career decision-making process.

This is done through the below mentioned test packages:
• Intelligence: It assesses the overall intelligence that is IQ level.
• Aptitude: This test helps to identify the student’s innate strength and weakness. It comprises of Abstract Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Spatial Relations, and Vocabulary tests.
• Interest: This helps the student understand where his/her real interest lies.
• Adjustment: This test indicates the adjustmentlevel of the student on personal, social and emotional levels.

Thus, the Aptitude test aims at bridging the gap between where the student is and where he/she wants to go by taking into consideration a student’s ability as well as aptitude.

In all, the Aptitude test will guide the student to:
Discover the potentials and competence
Identify the areas that need to be developed
Develop short and medium term career plans
Develop goals and strategies to reach the career goal
Draw a right career path based on their potential


Today, the world is becoming smaller. Through technology and social media, every student is a receiver of constant global exposure. Education in a premier global institute not only boosts a student’s career but also powerfully impacts his/her perspective of life. Foreign education is more than just a simple degree, and we totally understand this.

We at ALPS, encourage our students to dream higher and bigger. In order to enable them to exploit their potential fully, we strongly promote global education.

We have divided our global education service in four verticals:
1. Selecting An Institution
2. Applications for Admissions and Scholarships
3. Visa Processing
4. Pre-Departure Briefing

Selecting An Institution

We understand that selecting a university is a decision that can change your entire life. And so we make sure that our students make informed decisions when it comes to selecting a university out of thousands universities those offer different types of courses. Our expert mentors consider lot of parameters including the students’ overall profile and then offer unbiased list of universities that would be ideal for them.

Applications for Admissions and Scholarships

The next crucial step is Applications for Admissions and Scholarships. Applications, to foreign institutions, are learning in itself, including writing the SOP and the essays. At ALPS, we effectively communicate the importance of good essay writing. Our SOP mentors work with the students, stimulating them through discussions of inspirations and purpose. The students are empowered with writing skills through such sessions and are also explained the immorality of plagiarism.

Under the leadership of Niyati Ma’am students always make impeccable applications, which eventually lead them with great admissions and scholarships.

Over the years and after attending several training sessions each of our experts has acquired the ability to package a student’s application to ensure a positive response.

Visa Processing

The student’s journey at ALPS does not get finished after the admissions. We promise our students to be there for them every step of the way and that is what we do.

After all the admissions, we help the student select the right university and then prepare for their Visa Interviews. We guide them through marshaling all the documents and organizing them in the most effective manner. We believe that perfect documentation is the first step towards a successful visa interview.

We then do extensive mock visa rounds with the students and help them have a clear vision of their plans. Our experts’ work with the students individually to help them reduce their fears, clear myths and walk them through the process instead of making them mug up their answers.

At ALPS, the students have been empowered with all the information they need throughout the process, which makes the visa interview a cakewalk for them. And that is how we maintain our high visa success ratio!

Pre-Departure Briefing

Our pre-departure briefing includes details about the weather, economy, people, transport, currency travel arrangements, things the student should carry, baggage rules and much more.

We liaise with the students’ destination institutes for their airport pickup, accommodation and logistics at the destination as well as their stay arrangements on the day of their landing.


Apart from the aptitude of a student and overall academic progress, studying abroad also needs successful completion of competitive exams. ALPS is a one stop solution for all of these exams. We provide the students with comprehensive material and guide them through their exams through proven methods and strategies.

We help the students prepare for language as well as aptitude oriented standardized tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, SAT, GRE and GMAT.

Our Coaching Centre Highlights
• Personal Attention
• Highly experienced faculty
• Systematic Approach
• Complete solving of all modules in class by faculty
• Extensive material developed by expert mentors
• Anytime excess of faculty for assistance
• Full-time practice lounge for students
• Extra sessions for students who need more help
• More than 10 Mocks and their solving